Illinois Concealed Carry

July 9th, 2013 – the day that Illinois residents were given back its constitutional right to protect themselves and others with a firearm.

The day that HB183 was enacted through an override of an amendatory veto by Governor Pat Quinn.

Read the full text HERE.

HB183 outlines how an Illinois resident is to carry a firearm.  The key points to know right now:

  • “Mostly concealed” firearm carry only – no open carry
  • 16 hours of training required
  • $150 fee for a permit
  • The State Police have to approve all permits

As you wait for your CCW class to come, or wait until you can afford the high Illinois fees, you can -and should – take some important steps:

HB183 places the highest training requirements on a permit holder than any other state.  Whether an NRA instructional course or other training will satisfy any part of this requirement, but doing these things beforehand are beneficial and may safe time and energy when it comes ot sign up for your class.